Why Use Modular Aluminium Stairs and Platforms

Safety. Quality. Innovation.

These are the three words that every person thinks about when they think about a workplace. This is especially true when you work at a transportation facility, a loading dock or a construction site. A business is usually created for the sole purpose of making a profit and it is therefore in any boss' nature to come up with ways to maximise profit while minimising the expenditure.

A good work platform's initial cost is offset by high productivity, reduced worker fatigue, better quality workmanship and superior protection from accidents. These are some of the most important factors in a business as they remain to be the key driving force of every business alive regardless which part of the world the company is based in.

So, what are some of the other reasons you would need to incorporate modular stairs and platforms into your business?

The platform and stairs designs meet your access requirements. 

This is one of the most important factors for people who work with aircrafts mainly because the designs allow unobstructed access beneath the work platform. Apart from this, the inbuilt bumpers are ideal to protect the aircraft or its equipment from any and all accidental contact.

The custom platforms are made with an under-deck foam which provides protection against head injury while a staffer works underneath the deck. The platforms are also made with optional adjustable handrails on the platform as well as the aluminium stirs necessary for maintaining balance. The platforms also have sliders installed that extend to interface with the aircraft or equipment you are working with which provides total fall protection.

Mobility and versatility of configuration.

The mobile stairs and loading platforms are made of aluminium which is light in weight and corrosion-resistant, therefore easy to transport. Maintenance and safety platforms as well as ladders can be adjusted independently, to accommodate uneven surfaces and even on slopes. The work ladder platforms like the ones found on this website provide durability and versatility and the modular aluminium design means that these work platforms are suited for almost any job.

Quick set-up and reconfiguration. 

The railing attachments that come with mobile stairs and modular platforms are quite easy and fast to set up. The handrails are easily removed and reattached in just a few minutes which ensures that the process does not take away so much time from the general work process.

The simple, fast and secure latch systems eradicate the need to line up pins or clamps when attaching the staircases to platforms.

Engineered for stability. 

Generally, loading and maintenance platforms are designed to support four times the load rating.  This can be confirmed by checking the specific product's specification from the manufacturer. If you are looking for aluminium fabrications or manufacturer then you should visit Star Aluminium who manufacture aluminium platforms and stairs. The platforms are not the only exceptional factor when it comes to design. The ladder platforms also have telescopic leg assemblies that come with a lifetime lubrication brushing to provide stability and durability that is a notch higher than most trailer jacks.

As said before, safety, quality and innovation are the main driving forces of any business and as shown in this article, modular stairs, as well as platforms do all these and maybe even more for a business. They do not only make work easier which goes a long way in avoiding staff fatigue but they also improve the work environment and go aa long way in keeping your staff safe.

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